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An online writing platform

We know how critical the creative process is for writers, the way distractions impact inspiration and how frustrating taking your new piece of work through production, for self-publishing, can be when you finally finish it.

So we’re here to help you successfully create, edit and publish your next piece of writing without the usual head and heartaches.

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Storytella is an online writing platform, created for writers by writers, with the sole intention of reducing the worry and complexities of the whole process by taking care of all the practicalities - leaving you completely free to do what you do best; write, productively.

What is it?

Storytella can be accessed from anywhere, giving you flexibility over how, when and where you write.

Not only does Storytella allow you to create multiple projects at any given time it will track and version control your writing, and it enables you to efficiently edit your work with our ‘Entity’ system too.

There is also a handy automatic back up feature, ensuring the safe keeping of your hard work and it provides you with a publishing tool which means you have a publisher compatible file the minute you complete your masterpiece.

How does it work?

It’s so simple. You can write and edit directly into the app, manage the cover image and download your new novel, ready to publish, as an .epub or pdf that includes all the essential elements (Cover image, Blurb, Copyright and Author bio). Easy!


Want to know what makes Storytella great?

Entity system

Our ‘Entity’ system is a directory of people, places and common themes set up by you that can be easily inserted anywhere into your body text. It also allows you to amend an entity in one place and for it to update everywhere without fiddly editing, cutting back on editing time and reducing the risk of oversights or mistakes.

Back ups

Our automatic back up feature saves your work without being asked so there is no risk of your projects being lost, providing you with total peace of mind that every single word will always be waiting for you.

Access from anywhere

Storytella is accessed securely online, meaning you can get your hands on your work anywhere and from any device, so there is no need to be chained to one device or writing space, giving you complete freedom and flexibility over how, where and when you work.

Process & publishing

Storytella is a complete end to end self-publishing platform. It automatically facilitates a streamlined writing process that removes the need to take your work into production separately.


Storytella profiles allow you to set up multiple authors or contributors under one account, so you can choose to assign different pen names to projects, protect your personal identity and credit other contributors.


Imagine being able to track your progress and productivity by reviewing your daily word count for the past 30 days and seeing your monthly stats for the past 6 months? Well, Storytella does that, helping you to hit your writing targets without hassle.