Viewing your Trash

When you have deleted something (and only once you have deleted something) you will see the Trash can icon appear in the Storytella sub-navigation.

To view your trash select the icon and it will take you to the Trash can where you will see all items deleted in a summarised list:

To remind you of the item name
This is the category of item, i.e. Chapter, Entity, etc.
This is the date the item was created

You can select and view any items in the trash list. It will take you to the relevant Chapter or Entity page and be tagged with a warning bar, reminding you this item has been deleted.

Permanently deleting an item

To remove an item for good simply select the ‘Delete permanently’ button of the item you wish to delete within the Trash can.

You will be asked ‘Are you sure? This action can’t be undone.’ – select ‘Ok’ to agree or ‘Cancel’ to reconsider.

Restoring a deleted item

To restore an item select the ‘Restore’ button against the item you wish to recover in the Trash can.

You’ll see it is immediately removed from the trash list and reinstated where it belongs.