Storytella key commands

Creating headings

Creating a heading is simple. You can use the # symbol before your heading text. The number of symbols you use determines the size of the heading.

For example:
# This is an H1, the biggest heading
## This is an H2, the second biggest heading
###### This is an H6, the smallest heading

Using block quotes

Block quotes highlight a piece of text you wish to draw special attention to. They work by adding extra wide margins to the left and right of the words.

You can add block quotes simply by putting a > before the quote.

For example:
>The girl stared up at the moody sky and began to marvel at the birds in flight.

Styling text

Storytella includes its own exclusive text styling features which lets you style text simply. Here are a list of the basic commands:

For curly quotes:
This will be converted automatically
For a single ellipsis:
Write three dots in a row
For an en dash:
Use two hyphens
For an em dash:
Use three hyphens
For Italics:
*Wrap you text in one asterisk*
For bold:
**Wrap your text in two asterisks at each end**

If you wish to italicise something within a line of bold text use the underscore _. For example: **Her desire was deeper than she knew, she _must_ have chocolate _now_** would be displayed as Her desire was deeper than she knew, she must have chocolate now

Adding links

Add links easily by putting your link text in square brackets. For example: [Visit Storytella]

Then inside parenthesis put the URL. For example: (

It will look something like this: [Visit Storytella]( and appear like this: Visit Storytella


To add a bullet point list, add your items with a * or - before each line.

* Line one
* Line two
* Line three

- Line one
- Line two
- Line three

To add a numeric list, precede your items with a number.

1. Line one
2. Line two
3. Line three


Paragraphs in Markdown are just one or more lines of consecutive text followed by one or more blank lines.

Reviewing your formatted work

You will see the Markdown text while you’re still in editor mode. To review the text conversion save your work and navigate to the Book homepage or the Chapter viewer.

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