How to use Entities and Properties

Using Entities will alter and streamline the way you write. Storytella allows you to build up a database of common people and places and add Properties that you can insert into your work easily with a quick keystroke.

Properties are the descriptive elements of an Entity that you will use more than once. The amount of Properties per Entity is limitless, so you’re able to create a directory of detail that is always immediately available.

If you update the Property details of your Entity they will be automatically updated in every single instance throughout your book, cutting down on hours of time consuming editing.

For example. You might create your main character as an Entity. Then you can assign details to this Entity using Properties that you can easily insert into your work within the Chapter editor.

If you decide during the creation of your book that a detail about one of your Entities needs to be updated, all you need to do is make the changes in the Entity editor and as if by magic each instance of that Property will be updated automatically.

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