Deleting an Entity

Think carefully before deleting an Entity. You’ll want to ensure it’s definitely no longer in use before you do in order to avoid unsightly gaps in your work.

Be aware that if you delete an Entity that is still present in your prose it will be removed and replaced with a blank space when you publish to .epub or display the insert Entity command code in the Chapter viewer (ie. {{Mikey.Haircolour}}) which will be highlighted in red.

To check to see if an Entity is in use Storytella provides you with a handy list of all the books and chapters where each Entity is used within the Entity viewer. Before you amend or delete anything you can use this as a reference guide to check which Entities are in use and where.

To delete an Entity navigate to the Entity library and select the ‘Delete’ button of the Entity you wish to remove. You will be asked ‘Are you sure you want to delete this item?’ – Select ‘Ok’ to confirm.

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