Creating a Profile

Creating a new profile is easy. All you need to do is select ‘Profiles’ in the Storytella navigation and it will take you to the Profile homepage.

If you are totally new to Storytella and you haven’t set up your profile yet you will see a prompt on the Profiles homepage to ‘Create new profile.’

To add additional profiles select ‘Create new profile’ in the sub-navigation, if your account allows it.

Did you know: If you have a FREE or Author account you only have permission to create one Profile? If you have a paid Author + or Publisher account the number of Profiles you can set up is unlimited.

To find out what level of access you have select ‘Plan details’ from the drop down list in the settings menu (accessed via the little cog icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen).

To upgrade your account or find out more about what each account offers see the packages and pricing page.

The set up

To set up your new profile add the following details on the Create new profile page.


This is whatever author name you want to use.


Add your author biography here. When you assign this author to a book the biography information will be added to the output .epub/PDF. Select ‘Save’ to save or ‘Cancel’ if you want to discard this profile and start again.

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