Creating an Entity

There are two ways you can add a new Entity.

  1. Select ‘Entity Library’ from the main Storytella navigation, along the top to take you to the Entity library where you can select ‘Create new entity’ in the sub-navigation.
  2. Select ‘Create new entity’ from the Book homepage.

To create a new Entity, add the following details…


Add a word, without spaces, that will reference your new Entity. ie. If it’s a character you might like to use the Character’s full name (MikeSmith) or a nickname (Mikey).


Add any notes on your Entity that are helpful and relevant. ie. He bad black hair and a fierce temper.

Decide if this Entity is global or local

If you would prefer to restrict an Entity to a specific book or selection of books you can do so by checking the applicable boxes. Otherwise your Entities will be available for all your books.

Add a Property

This is where you input the details of your Property. You can add multiple Properties per Entity.

Property name

Add a word, without spaces, that will reference this Property. ie. Haircolour

Property value

Add the actual word/s you want to insert into your work. ie. Black

Save your work

Select ‘Save’ to save your new Entity or ‘Cancel’ to discard it.

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