Writing statistics

Every writer knows that the key to success is staying motivated and setting targets.

That’s why Storytella provides you with handy, at-a-glance statistics that allow you to monitor your progress against your goals and optimise your productivity to help you work more efficiently.

Reviewing your statistics

All of your statistics are available for review on the Stats page, accessed via the main navigation if you have a paid Storytella account.

Here you will find all the most useful information clearly displayed.

Content break down

On the left side of the page you will find a box that details all of the content you have created to date: Chapters, Entities, Books and Profiles.

Monthly breakdown

On the right of the page you will see a content box that shows you how many words you have written per month since you created your account. It will display for up to 6 months prior to today, but please be aware you’re not able to access back dated stats prior to this time.

Daily breakdown

To review your productivity for the current period you will find a bar graph that shows you your productivity per day. When you mouse over the bars you’ll see the date and word count for that particular day.