Viewing and reviewing your Books

There are lots of handy ways Storytella assists you in seamlessly self-publishing your work.

Within the Bookshelf and the Book homepage you will always see a summary of the top level information about that book, to remind you of the details.

From the Book homepage you will be able to access the Chapter, Entities and TODO tabs.

Let’s look at these a little more closely:

The Chapters tab and re-ordering your content

On the Chapters tab you will find details of your chapters listed. Including how many words it contains and the date when it was created. Not only can you edit and delete from here, you can also sort and amend the order of your chapters.

In the top right corner of this tab you will find an icon of two arrows. Selecting this will open a list of your chapters that you can drag and drop into a new order that is saved automatically.

Entities tab

Here you will find a summary of all the Entities you have created and assigned to this particular book. You can edit, view and delete them from this tab too.

TODO tab

You can create a list of TODO notes for yourself by adding them into your content. When you add it to a chapter, Storytella automatically creates a link in the top of the Chapter editor so you can jump straight to it and don’t have to go searching for it in your content. Helpfully, the TODO itself will be highlighted in yellow so you can’t miss it.

The TODO tab summarises how many TODO’s you have and in how many chapters numerically like this: TODO’s/chapters. ie. 4/3. Meaning you have 4 TODO’s in 3 Chapters.

Accessing this tab will show you the chapter title and the TODO which also acts as a link to the note within your content so you can find it fast.

Find out more about TODO’s.