Using and amending TODO’s

TODO’s are a great way of keeping track of things that need to be reviewed or revisited. To add a TODO type two braces which look like this {{ followed by the text TODO, which must be capitals, then your task and close with two braces like this }}.

Adding {{TODO add your task here}} inserts a TODO note into your chapter text. Storytella will automatically create a link in the top of the Chapter viewer so you can jump straight to it and don’t have to go searching for it in your content. The TODO itself will be highlighted in yellow so you can identify it easily.

You’ll find a summary of all your TODO’s in the TODO tab within each Book’s own homepage. Accessing this tab will show you the chapter title and the TODO which also acts as a link to the TODO itself within your content so you can find it fast and make any necessary updates.

To remove TODO’s just delete the text within the content using the Chapter editor.