Archiving Books

You can archive books once they’ve been completed as well as books that you’re not currently working on, leaving your Bookshelf free for your most recent projects only.

To archive a book, navigate to the Bookshelf. From here select the ‘Archive’ button to the right of the book you want to move. It will ask you ‘Are you sure?’ — select ‘Ok’ to confirm or ‘Cancel’ to quit.

Once a book has been moved ‘Archive’ will appear in the Bookshelf sub-navigation with a number indicating how many books you have stored there.

To restore a book or delete it completely navigate to the Archive homepage where you have the option to ‘Unarchive’ or ‘Delete’.

When you choose to unarchive something it will be moved back to the Bookshelf.

When you choose to delete something it will first be moved the Trash can, where you can then delete it completely.