Adding and updating Properties

When you create a new Property you will also be asked to put in an alphanumeric name, without spaces that will help you remember this entity. Then you can add the Property value which is the actual text that will be inserted into your content.

To update the details of your Entity select ‘Entity Library’ from the main Storytella navigation. This will take you to the Entity library where you can select the Entity you wish to amend. Select the ‘Edit’ button to amend your chosen Entity in the Entity editor. Here you can also choose to add, amend and remove Properties. When you’re finished select ‘Save’ to keep your changes.

Removing a Property

If you need to remove a Property that you don’t use (and is not in use) navigate to the Entity editor and locate the Entity you wish to modify. Select ‘Remove’ and then ‘Save’, If you select ‘Remove’ accidentally before saving you can recover it by selecting ‘Reinstate’.

Be aware that if you delete a Property that is still present in your prose it will be removed and replaced with a blank space when you publish to .epub or display the insert Entity command code in the Chapter viewer (ie. {{Mikey.Haircolour}}) which will be highlighted in red.