Accessing and updating your details

Selecting ‘Your details’ will provide you with a summary of all the account details you’ve added such as your name, Storytella user name, email address and payment plan.

You can use the sub-navigation to edit your details or change your Storytella password. To change something make your selection from the sub-navigation i.e. Edit details or Change password, make your amends and then ‘Save’ to confirm the changes.

A note on passwords

When you sign up you’ll set a unique password that allows you to securely access your account. The password should be 10 characters or more — the longer your password, the more secure your account — and be stored safely to protect your account.

Upon sign up you’ll be sent an email asking you to confirm your password. After that you can change your password any time.

If you forget your password simply select the ‘Forgotten password’ link on the log-in screen and follow the instructions.