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Storytella’s writing secrets: Write efficiently with our Entity system

Laura sits down to a cup of coffee. She is pondering her dream. It is unlike her to be violent or so vivid. It doesn’t make any sense that the visions that fill her consciousness while sleeping should be so bloodthirsty. And, yet it thrilled her. Taking the spoon she adds a little extra sugar, to the cup before her and gives it a stir, watching its contents whir. Perhaps the sweetness will settle her.

There’s a sharp clatter behind her as… Henry, no, Andrew, no! Xavier…, no! No! No!

Damn it. A shortish, stocky, bearded gent has just entered, sweeping into the cafe as if he owned it.

Dapper and immaculately groomed, he wears a long houndstooth coat, sports a khaki bowler hat, chunky Chelsea boots and a fierce tattoo. He’s handsome and clearly has some business to attend to. Whether he has any business showing up in my story is another thing, but I’ve learnt not to argue when unexpected characters introduce themselves to scenes in such a dramatic manor.

The trouble is, I can’t think what to call him. Nothing I can come up with right now fits his image and before I know it whatever train of thought was streaming through my prose and threatening my protagonists peace has evaporated.

It’s a common problem when we write. Those unanticipated twists and turns can be stumbling blocks that break our ability to write efficiently.

That is precisely why Storytella created its Entity system, so you can manage the pitfalls of creative writing comfortably. Instead of getting side tracked by situations like the one I just described it’s easy to simply add a marker in your text and come back to it later without having disrupted your flow.

Our Entity System lets you write without stopping and gives you tools that make editing effortless.

Get acquainted with our Entity system

The Entity database

The first thing to know is that using Entities will alter and streamline the way you write.

We provide you with a cute little piece of functionality that allows you to build a comprehensive database of all the common, reoccurring details in your book and add Properties that you can insert into your work easily with a quick keystroke.

Introducing Properties

Properties are the descriptive elements of an Entity that you will use more than once. You set up the Entity, say your main character, and assign all the little details as Properties. These can easily be inserted into your work using your keyboard, without ever having to move the mouse. The amount of Properties per Entity is limitless, so you’re able to create a directory of detail that is always immediately available.

Editing is now easy

Entities can be restricted to specific books too, unless you’re writing a series and/or you’d prefer they were available on a global level. If you update the Property details of your Entity they will be automatically updated, as if by magic, in every single instance throughout your book, cutting down on hours of time consuming editing.

To conclude

While you may think of writing as your main forte it’s editing that monopolises a writer’s time. Now, with Storytella, it doesn’t have to be that way. Give it a try and let the Entity system revolutionise the way you write.