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Five stand out online writing courses to consider

This month we’re in pursuit of the hottest online writing courses, after we asked ‘Online writing courses, are they worth it?’ in June.

It seems that everyone has an online offering these days, but choosing between them can be difficult. If we feel insufficiently educated or ill equipped when it comes to our writing craft, signing up to an online study course is enticing.

Many promise to be the quick fix solution to our shortcomings and offer well structured, targeted programmes, as well as community. Yet, it is well worth shopping around before deciding where to invest our hard-earned cash, as not all courses are the same quality.

To get the most out of a course it pays to have an outline of what you want from the outset, so before making your selection ask yourself the following;

By answering these questions you will have created a search criteria for yourself. Now you can compare this against what is offered, to see if a particular course will deliver the results you desire.

When selecting a course be sure to take a glance at who your tutors will be to make sure they’re trustworthy and investigate how the lessons will be conducted and when, incase they don’t match your schedule.

To help you find a course that suits you, we’ve drafted a list of interesting online courses that caught our eye. Check them out.

1. The Writers Studio Online

Founded by Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Philip Schultz, The Writers Studio welcomes beginning and experienced fiction writers and poets to its 10 week, online writing workshop. The programme is designed to help writers discover and nurture their own voices. Hailed by The New York Times as “the most personal of the programs,” The Writers Studio is founded on the belief that when the desire to write is strong enough, anyone can learn the craft necessary for full creative expression.

With The Writers Studio you’ll learn to write using their unique, technique-oriented method that is rooted in fiction & poetry.

Course duration: 10 weeks
Prices from $450

2. The Writers Academy by Penguin Random House

The online offering from The Writers Academy promises a thorough introduction into creative writing for beginners from the one of the world’s most renowned publishers. Because of its connection with Penguin Random House, The Writers Academy says that you can benefit from a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge built over centuries by choosing their course.

They say with this course you will ‘Gain first-hand insight into the writing techniques employed by internationally renowned, best-selling authors, and benefit from the in-depth knowledge of expert Penguin Random House Editors and highly experienced, professional Tutors as you progress towards establishing yourself as a writer.’

Course duration: 10 weeks
Prices from £499

3. Gotham Writers

Gotham Writers offers a variety of online courses, each with its own emphasis and area of focus, from fiction to script writing. Classes offered online draw together professional writing talent from all over the globe and aim to replicate the same experience as being in a classroom with a teacher and follow students, meaning for Gotham Writers community is key.

Class sizes are limited to small groups, guaranteeing plenty off 1-2-1 attention. Plus, booking an extra private class is always a possibility.

Course duration: 6-10 Weeks
Prices from $299 + 1 time registration fee of $25

4. Writer’s Digest University

Writer’s Digest University offer such an abundance of online workshops it’s almost overwhelming. Here you can find everything from courses on character development to the fundamentals of fiction.

With the Writer’s Digest University you can hone in on exactly what you want to develop. Here you will find something to suit your needs and your budget.

Course duration: Depends on the course
Prices from $150

5. Nomadic Matt’s The Business of Travel Blogging course

Nomadic Matt originally rose to fame 10 years ago for his dancing adventures around the globe.

No-one understands the business of travelling blogger better than Matt, so this course caught our eye, even though it’s not a creative writing course in the traditional sense.

Through Matt’s own media school you can learn the intricacies of writing, building, promoting and monetising your own travel blog over 3 months, so you can travel, publish and be completely self-sufficient. Sounds good, no?

Course duration: 3 months
Prices from $349

Writing is a personal practice and an intimate process. While we will each have our areas of expertise and talent that seems to intuitively flow freely, there is always room for improvement no matter how well we write. After all, we’re always learning.